We do Salesforce

Introducing Streamscript

Streamscript enables flows to perform HTTP callouts and respond to webhooks.

Connect APIs with data using formula-like statements and actions.

Return Values

How to return number, boolean, text, date, blob, record and list types in Streamscript.

User Mode

User mode DML, user mode SOQL, user mode Apex, as it relates to ISV security review.

Power BI and Salesforce

Power BI shines when it combines many datasources, not just Salesforce, to analyse and graph insights that might otherwise be missed.

All the Salesforce PDFs

Downloadable PDF implementation guides for Salesforce, including tutorial workbooks, Marketing Cloud and some MuleSoft training.

Dynamic invoke using ToString

Using toString() is one sneaky way to make a cross-package method call in Apex code without the need for custom interfaces or compile-time package dependencies.

Edit custom metadata in Apex

Custom Metadata records can be created, updated and deleted synchronously using Apex web services. This is simple and responsive for interactive scenarios.